Different ways to fax-digitally!

Wondering if there are fax machines yet in offices? The answer is yes! Though we have made huge progress digitally, few of the old technologies are still in use and won’t go outdated for some more years to come.

For any business, one can't neglect this important communication tool until it's become outdated. Faxing is still prevalent in many places. But, the good thing is that the regular faxing has undergone few changes technically and there are much better ways for fax. Simple and easy to do, quick and efficient. But inspite of so many technological advancements, many offices and organisations still rely on the hard copies of fax. They still believe that hard copies are better than the soft versions. To stay on par in such business, where thefax is needed, you can rely on any of these 3 methods to send afax.

Let's see how the online fax service works:


All you need to do is to subscribe to their online services, create anaccount and start sending faxes. One such best service provider is FaxBurner, they have simple policies and very safe. Online fax service enables you to send faxes from anywhere on the globe. You don’t need a fixed phone line and a fax machine, just a subscription to one such online fax service provider is enough.

The benefits of online fax services are many. A few for your reference:

Cost efficient- buying a fax machine will cost you anywhere between 200-500$, the basic ones. For this amount, you can subscribe to a year-long online fax service. Space constraint: fax machines are bulkier and consume too much space. When you have space constraints, you can surely make this option work for you- online fax. Security is better with online fax- opting for online fax is always better as its safer. When compared to regular fax hard copies which have to be sent over post-mails, anonline fax comes in with signatures to be verified, hence more safety to your data inside.

Connecting fax machine to the computer:

How about connecting the fax machine directly to your computer? Rather than you moving around every while to check for sending and receiving faxes, you can directly connect your computer to the machine and send faxes through them. Isn't it easy?

All you need for this functionality are:
Computer, fax machine, Communication cable or line, and a document to send as afax.

But there are a few drawbacks of using this way of sending faxes:

You need a ‘fax machine’, involving your money again.

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You can't send and receive faxes over ‘Wireless internet and Phone line’. You need to be connected to wires to be able to send and receive faxes. Incase your system is off, then there are chances that you might miss on thefax that might be stored in the fax/print machine memory. When you reboot, they might be missed out.

Fax Software:

Using software to send afax is another common method practised recently. For this too, you need to be connected to a landline phone connection for working. You can't work using only an internet connection. Here your computer acts as a fax modem enabling to send faxes from the device, without having a need for a fax machine. Saving on cost and space, this method is really effective.

All you need to have is a computer with a Windows or Linux, or Mac OS, and an active Phone connection. So simple, aren’t they? Only thing is that you need to choose the software wisely, choose the one that’s best for its service and speed.

Online fax service

Using fax software

Faxing via connected fax machine

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The basic and simple way of sending faxes digitally has 3 ways-

Although fax is still not outdated, technologies have changed the way they work. Using online fax services is one of the easiest ways to do, in the current scenario. Email and internet communications made fax take a back seat during their period.

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Online fax services:

Online fax service works with a dedicated fax number that is hosted by a fax service provider. There are many leading companies who provide online fax services without much hassle and worry. .

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